Eclipse M7

Eclipse M7 is out.
I downloaded it already and the new features it has are not too bad. I will give it a try on Monday (working day which is better than a weekend, or?)
Let's see if it rocks as usual. And it is really amazing how the eclipse group manages to ship their releases always in time.
(continued on Monday ...)
The really rocking feature is the backward compatibility with old plugins. So from now on you can run all your beloved old plugins even from 2.1 in the new Eclipse.
That is really amazing and kicks ass.
And I finally made it to use an external workspace, so I do not have to import all the setup stuff with every new eclipse. It is very simple, I only needed to create a shortcut of the eclipse.exe and insert into the target field something like
C:\dev\eclipse\eclipse.exe -data C:\dev\workspace
And all coding styles and other adjustments are available with the new eclipse. That is really great and I wonder how I managed it before.
The next thing I really love is the "Mark locations of thrown exceptions". I really hated it to look in the code where this exception might be thrown to write a javadoc comment for it. This feature makes it now fairly easy. The only drawback is that you have to adjust the default settings to do so, but since Eclipse is very well documented this is ok.
It is also nice to click into a variable and then get the occurences highlighted.
mmhh, I really love this tool now. But I must admit that I haven't looked at IDEA since its 3.0 release and never ever looked at netbeans.
But I am so happy with eclipse now that I do not want to change my tool of choice.

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