Grampians and Great Ocean Road

Last weekend was one of travelling again.
Juri and I went on friday evening to the Grampians. This is a beautiful and big national park 300 km. West of Melbourne.
After arriving there late in the evening we fall asleep quite fast and had a good rest at Tim's Place for the coming day. First we went on a hiking tour for 10 km.
We started right in the town (50 houses or so) of Halls Gap and went to the venus bath, some falls, grand canyon, and the pinnacle lockout, where we had an amazing view over an ocean of woods.
This bush walk took us 5 hours and Juri and I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the quietness and the nature. On this track we only met like 15 people. So it was a quite walk. But we were lucky and even saw some wallabies hopping on our way through the bushes.
In the afternoon we went to an aborigine shelter with wall paintings, but it was nothing special and I cannot recommend it. But after that we saw some Kangaroos and another beautiful waterfall and for sunset we have been at the balconies.
These balconies looked especially good with the red light of the setting sun.
On Sunday we had after another lookout and another waterfall enough of walking around in the Grampians and decided to make the three hour drive down to the coast and the Great Ocean Road.
We just visited the western part of it with the Bay of Island and the London Bridge and some other beautiful and amazing stone formations. But at the end we were exhausted by the lot of sight seeing. Therefore we headed home after a quick look at the twelve apostel and happily arrived at home sweet home on Sunday evening.
It is really great to be a whole weekend without a PC and just walking around in the nature. I just missed my girlfriend Desiree a lot. It would have been an even nicer weekend with her around, but nothing is perfect. I am already looking forward to travel around Australia with her one day. Or maybe with my parents. They would definitely like it as well.
Pictures from this trip can be found at my pics (Grampians)

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