how to found your own company

Since I started my university studies in 1999 I consider founding a company somewhen.
After learning some lessons with the Mitfeierzentrale and at the start up MojoKnows I still think about this option.
Therefore the reading of Getting Started with Your Own Software Company from Eric Sink was very interesting to me and he points out some issues very clear and with a nice portion of humor, like:

  • In your first 40 hours per week, build custom software or websites for other companies. Charge them enough money to pay your expenses.
  • In your other 40 hours per week, work on building your product.

    After the product is released and its revenues start to grow, you can gradually stop taking contracting gigs.
    If this sounds like a lot of hard work, you are absolutely right. If that sounds unappealing, keep your job.

    So, who wants to start one ... ?

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