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Since I got across the site of Martin Fowler I read regular one of his articles. The quality is outstanding, but after you read one of his books you know what to expect.
Lately I read his three most popular articles:
The New Methodology | Is Design Dead? | Continuous Integration.

I liked the Methodology one very much since it compared agile development processes a bit and mentions some which I never heard about and also Open Source development is mentioned as development process. I never thought about this, but it makes sense, since most of the Open Source projects share a common approach to develop an manage the development. Not onlybecause of this insight this article is my most favourite so far.

Design is Dead?
just read this article today. It is about wheter design is still needed today and ...

Continuous Integration
In this article you learn how important continuous integration is and how easy it is after you set up the process properly. This made me think a lot and I also think about introducing a fully automated integration process in the company I work for at the moment (MojoKnows). It is a tedious hassle to set up and introduce, but I think the benefits are overcoming the drawbacks. This articel is also worth reading.

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