Penguine Parade

Yesterday evening Kathy and Christine came to visit me and Mojo and together we went to Philip Island to see the Penguin Parade.
Everyday after sunset the penguins return from the sea to go to their breeding places in the sand dunes. So they hit the beach, wait until they are a group, big enough to make the crossing of the beach - which is dangerous for them, since they could get caught by a sea eagle. The funny thing is that a couple of times, just one or two came with a wave to the beach, stand up and recognized that they were alone. So quite fast they went back to the water and this could happen for a couple of times, until the group got big enough.
And when these little Penguins walk it looks so funny and they are so cute. And they are used to all the Humans already.
It was worth a trip and I can strongly recommend to go there. It also was very nice to go there with Christine and Kathy. We had a lot of fun together.

Posted by Karsten at 16.01.04 01:40
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