Today I went to Nagasaki which I guess everybody knows because of its tragically history.
On August 9th 1945 at 11 o'clock the A-Bomb "Fat Man" exploded over Nagasaki, dropped by the plane Bockscar.
The museum and the remembrance hall was worth a visit and very interesting. They described the impact of the bomb very good and there were many examples of that like melted glass and stone, burned clay, clothes and wood with the shadow of letters or similar shadow effects caused by the heat of the bomb. around 75.000 people were killed with just this single bomb.
It made me sad and angry to see pictures of the wiped out city and burned people and I hope that I will never in my life see something like this happening again.
The remembrance hall is well designed and appropriate to its function.
Besides this memorial sites there wasn't much to see in Nagasaki. The oldest building approximately 60 years old.
So after strolling around the shopping streets I went back to my two hour journey to Fukuoka.
Desiree had here Japanese test in the morning and her German professor came to visit the Kyushu university. Therefore I went on my own to Nagasaki.

Posted by Karsten at 26.12.03 11:21